6-Year-Old Girl Attacked by German Shepherd in Ghaziabad, Owner Faces Legal Action

#Video Footage Captures 6-Year-Old Girl’s Encounter with German Shepherd in Ghaziabad Community, Owner Faces Legal Action

In a startling incident within Ghaziabad’s Ajnara Integrity Housing Society, a six-year-old girl named Vanya Chauhan was attacked by a German Shepherd while riding her bicycle. CCTV footage documented the alarming moment when the dog, despite being leashed, lunged at Vanya, biting her. Fortunately, Vanya’s mother, Namita Chauhan, intervened swiftly, seeking aid from a security guard and removing her daughter from harm’s way.

The footage depicts Vanya cycling before the dog’s sudden attack, prompting Namita’s immediate response to protect her daughter from further harm. Vanya is seen fleeing on foot to ensure her safety.

Numerous children were observed in the vicinity of the housing society during the incident.

Watch The Video :

Vanya sustained injuries to her hands and waist from the dog’s bites and scratches. Concerned about the severity of the situation, Namita lodged a complaint against the dog’s owner under Section 289 of the Indian Penal Code, citing negligence and the absence of a muzzle on the dog.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Ravi Kumar confirmed the registration of a case based on Namita’s complaint, initiating an investigation. Stressing the significance of residents’ safety, Namita advocated for the removal of the dog from the society premises.


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