Absolutely Consider It a Success”: US Commends India for G20 Summit

As the G20 Leaders’ Summit came to a lively conclusion in Delhi under India’s leadership on Sunday, the United States also lauded it as an unequivocal success. During a routine press briefing on Monday, the spokesperson for the US State Department, Matthew Miller, told journalists, “We firmly believe it was a success. The G20 is a substantial organization, with Russia and China both being members.”

Miller was responding to a question from the media about the success of the G20 Summit. When asked about Russia’s absence from the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration, he remarked, “The G20 includes members with diverse viewpoints. We believe that the organization’s ability to issue a statement endorsing respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty, and emphasizing that these principles should not be violated, is of great significance. This is precisely at the core of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Miller added, “Addressing these questions is crucial, and we considered this statement to be exceptionally important.”

The New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration stated, “The use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable,” with no direct mention of Russia. The G20 member nations recalled the Bali declaration and emphasized that all states must act in accordance with the Purposes and Principles of the UN Charter in its entirety. They called for a “comprehensive, just, and enduring peace in Ukraine” and urged member states to “refrain from threatening or using force to acquire territory.”

Regarding the conflict in Ukraine, the joint declaration stated, “While recalling the discussions in Bali, we reaffirmed our national positions and resolutions adopted at the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly. We underscored that all states must act in a manner consistent with the Purposes and Principles of the UN Charter, refraining from the threat or use of force to seek territorial acquisition, and rejecting the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons.”

The New Delhi Declaration reiterated that the G20 is the primary forum for international economic cooperation and acknowledged that while it does not primarily address geopolitical and security issues, these issues can have global economic repercussions.

G20 members called on all states to uphold the principles of international law, including territorial integrity, sovereignty, international humanitarian law, and the multilateral system that promotes peace and stability.

The declaration also emphasized the importance of peaceful conflict resolution, crisis management, diplomacy, and dialogue. It expressed a commitment to mitigating the adverse economic impact of the war and welcomed initiatives supporting a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in Ukraine, aligning with the Purposes and Principles of the UN Charter and fostering friendly international relations.

This marked the first time India hosted the G20 Summit, which took place in New Delhi on September 9-10. Extensive preparations were made to showcase India’s traditions and strengths. During its presidency, India focused on various issues, including inclusive growth, digital innovation, climate resilience, and equitable global health access. Brazil is set to assume the G20 presidency after India, following Indonesia’s presidency last year.


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