Amul’s Tribute to Mohammed Siraj: The Bowler Who Took Four Wickets in a Single Over

Under the leadership of Rohit Sharma, Team India secured the Asia Cup 2023 title on Sunday. The Indian bowlers played a pivotal role in this victory by restricting Sri Lanka to a mere 50 runs. However, the standout performer of the match was none other than Mohammed Siraj. He emerged as the hero of the hour, capturing the attention and admiration of everyone. Siraj delivered an exceptional performance by taking a total of six wickets, including an astonishing four wickets in a single over. This remarkable feat not only etched his name in the annals of cricket history but also elevated him to the status of a national hero.

Even Amul, known for its creative and topical tributes, paid homage to this cricket sensation on their Instagram page. Amul’s delightful topical featured a charming cartoon portrayal of Mohammed Siraj. In a playful twist, four of his fingers were adorned with butter and raised in a whimsical manner. He proudly stood next to the Asia Cup Trophy, placing a finger to his lips. At the top of the poster, Amul cleverly wrote, “Sabka Sir aaj ooncha hai!” in english “Everyone’s head is held high today!” The bottom of the poster carried the text, “Amul casts a magical spell.” In their caption, Amul celebrated Siraj’s incredible achievement, hailing him as the “First Indian fast bowler to secure four wickets in a single over!”

Amul has a long-standing tradition of commemorating moments of national pride through its creative topicals. Just a few weeks ago, when the Indian men’s relay team set a new Asian record at the World Athletic Championship, Amul paid tribute to them as well. In their topical, they depicted animated representations of all four athletes: Muhammed Anas, Amoj Jacob, Ajmal Variyathodi, and Rajesh Ramesh, sitting on the ground with their thumbs playfully adorned with butter. The text at the top of the poster read, “Really relay proud of you,” and at the bottom, they cleverly added, “Amul lap it up!” In their caption, Amul expressed their joy with the hashtag, “#Amul Topical: Celebrating our 4 x 400 meters team at the World Athletics Championships!”

We appreciate Amul’s creative flair in celebrating moments of national pride through their unique and artistic topicals.


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