Bengaluru Doctor’s Response to ‘Non-Smokers Are Losers’ Goes Viral

A doctor based in Bengaluru has become an internet sensation for criticizing a woman’s derogatory remarks towards non-smokers on the microblogging site X. The doctor condemned the insulting language and highlighted the harmful effects of smoking on health. Dr. Deepak Krishnamurthy shared a story about a patient, revealing that he had to send a 23-year-old woman for triple bypass surgery due to her smoking habit.

His response came after a user on X posted a photo with the caption, “Hey smokers and losers (non-smokers), what are you all doing?” The image depicted someone holding a cigarette and a cup of tea.

“The youngest patient I’ve sent for triple bypass surgery was a 23-year-old girl smoker. #HeartAttack #MedTwitter Be a ‘loser’ (according to this lady) and live healthily,” the caption stated.

Since its posting, the response has spread like wildfire on X, garnering over 800,000 views and prompting users to share their comments.

“Can the effects of smoking be reduced after quitting, and what are the methods to repair the damage done?” one user inquired.

“I never understood why people smoke,” remarked another.

The response immediately garnered support from other users, who applauded the doctor for advocating for public health awareness.


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