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Criticism Over Hema Malini Remark: Congress’ Randeep Surjewala Condemns BJP’s Response

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New Delhi: Facing backlash from the BJP regarding his comments about actor-politician Hema Malini, senior Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala has accused the BJP’s IT cell of habitually distorting facts and propagating falsehoods.

This follows BJP leader Amit Malviya sharing a video wherein Surjewala is seen addressing a public gathering. While emphasizing that people elect leaders to voice their concerns, Surjewala makes a remark about Ms. Malini. Malviya labeled it as “the most disgusting description someone can come up with” in his post on X. He further stated, “This is Rahul Gandhi’s Congress. It is misogynistic and disrespects women.”

Malviya also referenced the controversy surrounding offensive posts against actor and BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut from the social media profiles of Congress leader Supriya Shrinate. Shrinate clarified that the posts were made without her knowledge.

Surjewala countered today by sharing a video from the same event where he is heard saying, “We respect Hema Malini ji because she is married to Dharmendra ji, she is our daughter-in-law.”

Accusing the BJP of distorting facts and spreading lies, he asserted that the ruling party aims to divert attention from the anti-youth, anti-farmer, and anti-poor policies of the Narendra Modi government, as well as its alleged conspiracy against the Constitution.

“These BJP pawns never questioned the Prime Minister about his remarks like ’50 crore ki girlfriend’, referring to a woman MP as ‘Surpanakha’, trolling a woman Chief Minister, using the term ‘Congress’s widow’, and describing the Congress leadership as a ‘jersey cow’,” he stated.

Surjewala clarified that his intention was not to insult Hema Malini or anyone else, emphasizing that he explicitly stated their respect for her. He accused the BJP of being anti-women, claiming they interpret everything through a misogynistic lens and propagate lies conveniently.

Hema Malini has not responded to the controversy surrounding Surjewala’s remarks, as she is currently campaigning for the Lok Sabha contest in Mathura, a seat she has held since 2014.

Responding to Surjewala, BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla criticized Congress, stating that their only identity is disrespecting ‘Nari Shakti’ (women empowerment).

“The only recognition Congress has is disrespecting ‘Nari Shakti’. Surjewala’s statements towards Hema Malini ji are cruel, crude, disgusting, misogynistic, and sexist,” he remarked.

Surjewala, a Congress general secretary, joins a list of prominent leaders making headlines for their remarks during this election season. Earlier, his party colleague Shrinate and BJP’s Dilip Ghosh were warned by the Election Commission of India for their comments and social media posts.

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