Dr. Udit Raj Gains Momentum as All India Backward Classes Federation and Narela Traders Extend Their Support

Support from Key Community Leaders

“Together we can bring back era of development in Narela”: Dr Udit Raj

New Delhi, May 14, 2024:

In a significant boost to his election campaign, Dr. Udit Raj, the joint candidate of the INDIA Alliance and AAP from the North West Delhi Lok Sabha seat, has secured the support of the All India Backward Classes Federation. The announcement was made during a meeting attended by Federation President Hansraj Jangra, along with prominent leaders including Srinivas Baghel, Narendra Dhiman, Mahavir Pal, Rajkumar Pal, Kalua Pal, Parmanand, Surendra Pal, Vedprakash Pal, Bhup Singh Baghel, and RK Dhiman. Simultaneously, the traders of the Narela Chambers of Commerce also pledged their support to Dr. Udit Raj.

Dr. Udit Raj discussed plans and strategies to ensure a decisive victory for the India Alliance. Their discussions focused on mobilizing voter support and addressing key issues affecting the constituency.

During a visit to Alipore in the Narela Assembly on Tuesday, Dr. Udit Raj appealed to the residents to vote for Congress, highlighting dissatisfaction with former BJP MP Hansraj Hans due to perceived neglect and lack of development. “Together, we can bring back the era of development and progress that Narela deserves. I am committed to working tirelessly for the betterment of our community and ensuring that every voice is heard,” said Dr. Udit Raj.

In a public gathering at the Bade Shiv Temple in Alipore, local residents and respected community members, including Jaswant Rana, Vishal Mann, Sudesh Bhardwaj, Deepak Mann, Surendra Mann, and Bijendra, expressed their full support for Dr. Udit Raj’s candidacy. The community’s endorsement marks a significant milestone in his campaign.


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