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Federation of Indian Publishers spearheads groundbreaking dialogue on future publishing trends

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Key Industry Figures Convene to Explore Impact of Technology and AI on Publishing Landscape

Event Highlights Global Collaboration and Recognizes Pioneers in Indian Publishing Sector

New Delhi, February 13, 2024:

The Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP, in collaboration with the Indian Reprographic Rights Organisation and with the support of Nielsen BookData, successfully organised an event with name “Shaping the Future: Transformative Trends in Publishing.” The event held at The Taj Ambassador, New Delhi, brought together key people from the publishing realm, academia, and government to explore the evolving dynamics of publishing in the digital age.

As the apex body representing over 80 percent of India’s publishing industry, FIP plays a crucial role in fostering innovation and collaboration within the sector, both domestically and internationally. Aligned with the International Publishers Association in Geneva, FIP serves as the primary voice of Indian publishers on the global stage.

The event, coinciding with the New Delhi World Fair 2024, aimed to reveal the transformative influences of intellectual property (IP), technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) on the future landscape of publishing. By convening industry stakeholders, including publishers, authors, educators, and policymakers, the event facilitated insightful discussions on emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges.

Ms. Karine Pansa, President of the International Publishers Association, graced the event as a key guest, highlighting the global significance of the discussions and the importance of international cooperation in addressing common challenges in the publishing domain. Dr. Subhas Sarkar, Union Minister for Education, Government of Bharat, honored the event as the Chief Guest, emphasizing the government’s dedication to supporting the growth and advancement of the publishing sector.

Featuring enlightening panel discussions, keynote addresses, interactive sessions, and awards presentations, the event provided attendees with valuable insights into leveraging technology for innovation, harnessing data analytics for audience engagement, and navigating intellectual property rights in the digital era. Attendees also had ample networking opportunities to foster collaborative endeavors within the industry.

The Federation of Indian Publishers recognized the contributions of notable entities in the publishing sphere:

• Oswaal Books and Learning Private Limited received the Outstanding School Books Publisher Award
• AISECT was honored with the Outstanding Publishing & Quality Education Award in the Publishing Industry
• Quarterfold Printabilities was awarded the Outstanding Printer Award in the Publishing Industry

Mr. Naveen Gupta, President of the Federation of Indian Publishers, emphasized the event’s importance, stating, “Amidst rapid technological advancements and evolving consumer behaviors, the publishing industry must embrace innovation and adapt to new paradigms.” He highlighted the event’s role in fostering dialogue and collaboration to steer the publishing industry toward a sustainable future.

Mr. Pranav Gupta, General Secretary of The Federation of Indian Publishers, expressed gratitude to all participants and stakeholders for their valuable contributions, affirming the event’s success in driving meaningful engagement and collaboration. He emphasized the Federation’s commitment to shaping the future of publishing in India and beyond through continued efforts and collaboration.

The Federation of Indian Publishers remains steadfast in its mission to promote innovation, literacy, and the interests of publishers across India, with events like “Transformative Trends in Publishing” serving as catalysts for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and collective action to drive positive industry-wide change.

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