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Former senior IAS officer joined hands with Congres party Karan Mahara facilitated the membership.

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Dehradun, 6th Feb, 2024 :

In Uttarakhand, senior IAS officer Suresh Kumar Bhandari (retired), joined hands with Congress party on Friday. State Congress President Karan Mahara facilitated his membership at the party office.

Suresh Bhandari said that he is a former IAS officer of the UT cadre. After retirement influenced by the ideology of the Congress party & Rahul Gandhi’s Connect India Justice Journey, he joined the party. By joining Congress he entered in the active politics for serving the state & Country. Bhandari said he will adhere to the direction given the party & seniors

On the occasion, Congress Pradesh President Karan Mahara said that Rahul Gandhi is fighting to save democracy and the constitution with the support of the people. His clear message is that in the market of hatred, the shop of love, this slogan is influencing the youth and the people of the country. It is said that Rahul Gandhi has become the cornerstone of democracy today. He is continuously addressing the grievances of the struggling people against inflation. Whether it is the issue of employment for the unemployed or women’s safety, the way Rahul Gandhi is struggling from the streets to the parliament. Today, the laborer and the common man are looking towards Congress with hope and expectation. Many workers and leaders of various parties want to join the Congress party. They will be integrated into the party soon.

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