Hathi Brand Celebrates 100 Years of Nourishing Indian Homes

# From Humble Beginnings to Iconic Status: The Inspiring Journey of an Indian Oil Pioneer

# Serving Generations with Quality and Trust: Hathi Brand’s Enduring Legacy in Kitchens Across India

New Delhi, September 03:

On August 19, 2023, Hathi Brand, a famous Indian oil company, celebrated its 100-year journey, making a big impact in Indian homes. Starting as Ghanshyamdas Baijnath Oil Mills in 1912, the company has become known for its good quality, traditions, and modern farming methods. Raghav Bhagat, the President of Hathi Mustard Oil, shared his pride in the company’s growth. He said, “From when we started as GB Marka to now as Hathi Brand, our main goal has always been to help Indian families. We don’t just make oil; we make lives better.”This story began in 1915 when Ghanshyamdas Baijnath Oil Mills took over and started using the GB Marka name. They always focused on making the best quality products.Komal Singh, a long-time customer, said, “Hathi Brand has always been in my family’s kitchen. Their products are the best, and we trust them. It’s not just oil; it’s a tradition.”In the 1930s, the company changed its name to Bansidhar Premsukhdas Oil Mills and registered the famous “Hathi” logo, which means strength, trust, and progress.By the 1940s, B P Oil Mills had become the biggest oil mill in India. They had depots all the way from Pakistan to Bangladesh, making sure everyone could enjoy their products.Mahendra Mehrotra, an expert in Indian industry history, said, “Hathi Brand’s journey shows how Indian businesses can keep going. It’s like the story of India’s growth and how important companies are.”In 1965, B P Oil Mills Limited became a big corporation under The Companies Act 1956, showing their leadership in the industry.In the 1990s, they became the biggest maker of “Khacchi Ghaani” mustard oil in India, known for their quality and new ideas. By the 2000s, everyone knew their name, showing how much Indian families loved their products.Now, as Hathi Brand, they still care about helping Indian families with great products. Their 100-year journey, with all its challenges and hard work, makes them ready for more growth and modern farming methods. They’ll keep making Indian homes tastier and better.


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