Indian-Origin Man Arrested in Hong Kong for Allegedly Molesting South Korean Tourist During Live Stream

An individual of Indian origin has been apprehended in Hong Kong on allegations of molesting a South Korean tourist. The distressing incident unfolded during the tourist’s live-streamed visit to the city, as reported by the South China Morning Post. The distressing incident was captured in real-time while the woman was documenting her day in Hong Kong.

Reportedly, the woman was waiting at a tram stop in the Central area when an unknown individual approached her, initially asking for directions. The conversation began cordially but soon took a disturbing turn as the man began moving closer to the vlogger and requested her to accompany him.

He then seized her hand and said, “Listen, come with me. I’m alone,” attempting to physically harass her. Clearly uncomfortable, the woman repeatedly protested, exclaiming, “No, No, No.”

Despite her distress, the man persisted in bothering and following her. The situation escalated as they descended a stairwell at the metro station. When they were near the station steps, he forcibly pushed her against a wall and reiterated, “I am alone. Come with me.”

“I’m not alone,” the vlogger cried out while persistently attempting to push the man away. He then groped the woman’s chest and forcibly kissed her. When the woman called for help, the accused was observed fleeing the scene.

The video has triggered significant outrage on social media, with many users expressing concerns about the safety of content creators. Some social media users have identified the man in the video as Amit Jariyal.

According to a report by SCMP, the man, employed as a waiter, was apprehended on Belcher’s Street in Kennedy Town on Tuesday and is currently held on suspicion of indecent assault and public indecency.

Following the incident, the vlogger traveled to Macau, where she recounted her ordeal during another live stream and displayed the bruises she sustained during the assault.


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