Kannada Actress Harshika Poonacha Attacked in Bengaluru for Speaking Local Language

New Delhi : “Actor and Kannada film industry figure Harshika Poonacha, along with her husband Bhuvann Ponnannaa, encountered a distressing incident in Bengaluru where they were targeted by a group of individuals for speaking in their local language.

In a comprehensive Instagram post featuring videos and images of the perpetrators, the actress raised concerns about the safety of local residents in Bangalore, questioning, “How safe are we locals in our Bangalore? Are we living in Pakistan or Afghanistan?”

According to Poonacha’s account, the incident unfolded a few days ago outside the Karama Restaurant in Fraser Town, where the couple had gone for dinner with family. As they were exiting the valet parking area in their car, they were confronted by two individuals near the driver-side window, who began arguing about the size of their vehicle.

“My husband asked them to move away as their concerns seemed baseless. Subsequently, as we moved the vehicle slightly ahead, these individuals resorted to verbal abuse in their language and attempted physical violence against my husband, asserting that ‘local Kannadigas need to be taught a lesson’,” she detailed.

The situation quickly escalated as approximately 30 more individuals joined in, attempting to snatch her husband’s gold chain and causing damage to their vehicle.

“Two of them forcibly ripped my husband’s gold chain and tried to take it from him. Fortunately, my husband managed to retain possession and handed it over to me. Throughout the ordeal, they subjected us to verbal abuse that was incomprehensible to us and bystanders,” Poonacha explained.

Following the attack, Poonacha reached out to a police inspector she was acquainted with, prompting the assailants to disperse. However, she expressed disappointment with the response from local law enforcement, citing an Assistant Sub-Inspector named Mr. Umesh who showed a lack of interest in addressing their grievances.

“He appeared more preoccupied with enjoying his drink outside a nearby restaurant than attending to our concerns,” she added, highlighting the indifference displayed by the police official.

The incident underscores broader concerns about public safety and the response of law enforcement agencies in ensuring the well-being of residents, particularly amid escalating instances of harassment and violence.”


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