Kota Coaching Institutes Prohibited From Holding Tests For 2 Months Following Two More Suicides Among NEET Aspirants

In response to the tragic deaths of two more NEET aspirants by suicide, a decision has been made to temporarily suspend all examinations within Kota’s coaching institutes for a period of two months. This step aims to provide essential mental support and a heightened sense of security for the students.

An official statement affirms, “With immediate effect, all testing and examination activities conducted by coaching institutes in Kota will be suspended for the upcoming two months. This measure is designed to prioritize the mental well-being and overall security of the resident students.”

In separate incidents that transpired within a span of four hours, two NEET aspirants reportedly took their own lives in Kota, Rajasthan on a recent Sunday. This has brought the total count of such unfortunate incidents to 22 this year alone, according to local law enforcement. One of the incidents involved Avishkar Shambaji Kasle (17), who leapt from the sixth floor of his coaching institute’s premises located in Jawahar Nagar. This tragic event occurred at approximately 3.15 pm, shortly after he had completed a test and exited a room on the third floor of the institute.


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