Misogyny 2.0: Pakistani YouTuber and Actor Insult Priyanka Chopra as ‘Monstrous’ and Make Inappropriate Comments about Ameesha Patel – Internet Reacts with Shock!

A recent podcast featuring Pakistani YouTuber Nadir Ali and Pakistani actor Moammar Rana has sparked controversy online due to their misogynistic conversation about Priyanka Chopra and Ameesha Patel. The well-known personalities faced significant backlash for their derogatory remarks. In a viral video, Ali and Rana are heard referring to Priyanka as ‘bhayanak’ (which can be translated to monstrous), and they even compared her to a “maid.” Their offensive behavior didn’t stop there; they also made inappropriate comments about Ameesha Patel, the actress from the film “Gadar.”

The podcast crosses the line between humor and offensive language, with Ali’s podcast blatantly disregarding that boundary. In the viral clip, Nadir inquires whether the actor has encountered anyone ‘bhayanak’ in Pakistan, but Rana responds negatively. Ali continues by asking if he has encountered someone like that in India, to which Rana agrees.

Moammar Rana shares a brief encounter with the global sensation Priyanka Chopra and how his infatuation with her quickly diminished. He recounts, “It happened to me when I saw Priyanka Chopra. I didn’t know, we were sitting (at an event). A woman came and sat beside me. We were engaged in conversation, and I moved slightly back and forth, unsure of where I should be. After a while, she got up and left. I asked who she was.” Adding to the conversation, Nadir chimes in and remarks, “Is she a maid or what?”

Rana continues, “The person I asked told me, ‘You didn’t recognize her?’ I said no. Turns out, it was Priyanka Chopra who had been sitting right next to me!”

In an attempt at absurd humor, Ali compares Chopra to “black salt,” making a reference to her complexion.

The saying goes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But does it truly apply? In a world where we emphasize inner beauty and strive to move beyond superficial beauty standards, there are those who still focus solely on appearances.

During the podcast, Rana expresses admiration for Patel’s authentic beauty. When asked about what he finds beautiful about her, the actor only mentions her physical features. With a smirk, Ali playfully teases Rana with the song “Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho,” and both burst into laughter. Moammar adds, “Do I need to spell everything out for you?”


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