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Mumbai Set to Have Palika Bazaar Similar to Delhi, BMC Plans Underground Market

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Exciting news for the residents of Mumbai! Soon, they’ll have the opportunity to shop in underground markets within the city, much like Delhi’s Palika Bazaar situated in Connaught Place. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is gearing up to establish such a market in Mumbai. BMC officials recently visited Palika Bazaar in Delhi as part of their planning process.

According to Mumbai LIVE, BMC officials are set to present their findings to Mumbai’s guardian minister, Deepak Kesarkar, by next week. Meanwhile, ward officers have been tasked with identifying suitable locations within their respective wards for the establishment of these underground markets.

Mumbai’s Palika Bazaar to Ease Traffic Congestion
The BMC’s initiative aims to alleviate traffic congestion in Mumbai by establishing Palika Bazaars across the city. The rampant encroachment on roads and sidewalks due to the non-implementation of hawker policies has exacerbated traffic problems. Kesarkar proposed the idea of underground markets as a solution to this issue.

In line with this vision, the Development Control and Promotion Regulation (DCPR) 2034 suggested the creation of shopping hubs beneath public open spaces and areas designated for city playgrounds and parks. Following these guidelines, officials from the Markets and Parks Department visited Palika Bazaar in Delhi on January 15.

Insights into Delhi’s Palika Bazaar
Palika Bazaar in Delhi is an underground market situated between the inner and outer circles of Connaught Place. With 398 shops offering a variety of goods, the market spans an area of 20,000 square meters and includes a spacious garden.

Notably, Palika Bazaar features seven entry and exit gates and enjoys convenient connectivity to major roads and the Rajiv Chowk Metro Railway Station.

Mumbai’s Anticipated Palika Bazaar
The BMC has directed ward officers across 24 administrative wards to locate open spaces such as playgrounds or parks suitable for hosting underground markets. Areas surrounding railway stations with higher population densities are being prioritized for this initiative.

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