Noida Man, Accused of Killing Wife, Conceals Himself in Storage Room for 36 Hours; Here’s How Police Located Him

Startling details have emerged from a murder case in the news, where a lawyer is suspected to have been killed by her husband in Noida over a property-related matter. While the lawyer was discovered deceased in her residence, her alleged murderer had been “on the run,” but it was later revealed that he had been hiding inside their home, specifically in a storage room, for over 36 hours. How the police eventually located him, the reasons behind the accusation of killing his wife, and further particulars about the murder case are provided below.

Noida Lawyer Discovered Deceased in Her Bathroom
Renu Sinha, a 61-year-old woman of Supreme Court lawyer, was found dead in the bathroom of her bungalow in Sector 30, Noida, on Saturday. She resided there with her husband, while their son lived abroad. The deceased’s brother contacted the authorities after his sister failed to respond to his calls for two consecutive days. When the police arrived at her residence and forced open the door, they discovered the lawyer dead in her bathroom. The lawyer’s brother accused her brother-in-law of murdering his sister, but initially, the police were unable to locate the deceased’s husband, who was described as “on the run.”

Lawyer’s Husband Accused of Murder, Found Concealed in Storage Room
In a perplexing twist of events, the police, who had been actively searching for the husband of the deceased, Nitin Nath Sinha, ultimately found him inside their own residence. Allegedly, the man had been hiding in the storage room of their home for more than 36 hours. The police attempted to reach the deceased’s husband via his phone, but when they couldn’t establish contact, they traced his location, which led them to their bungalow. The authorities then conducted a search of the house and discovered the accused concealed in the storage room.

The accused has been arrested, and according to the police, the motive behind the lawyer’s murder was a dispute related to a property issue. The couple had argued about selling their bungalow, resulting in numerous conflicts, as Nath desired to sell the property and had even made a deal with a potential buyer, while his wife was not in agreement with the decision.


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