“Opposition Says Pakistan Isn’t Wearing Bangles, We Will…”: PM Takes A Dig

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized the opposition INDIA bloc on Monday, labeling its leaders as “cowards” who were “afraid of Pakistan’s nuclear power”. Speaking at an election rally in the Muzaffarpur Lok Sabha constituency of Bihar, PM Modi indirectly referred to a recent statement made by National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah without explicitly mentioning him.

These comments followed Mr. Abdullah’s remarks about Pakistan possessing atomic bombs and not being weak.

“If Pakistan isn’t hesitant, we’ll make sure they are. I previously thought they lacked food supplies. Now, it seems they also lack an ample supply of bangles,” stated the PM.

“But, we must scrutinize the opposition carefully, as it seems to consist of individuals who are fearful and hesitant, who absolve Pakistan of terrorism, cast doubts on surgical strikes… even their Left allies advocate for the dismantling of our nuclear arsenal,” he continued.

“I’ll explain why they are protesting against actions by agencies like the ED. During the previous Congress regime, the ED seized only ₹ 35 lakh, an amount that could fit in a school bag. Since we took over, the agency has recovered ₹ 2,200 crore, an amount that would require 70 small trucks to transport,” the PM stated.

PM Modi emphasized that unlike his opponents, who prioritize promoting their descendants, “I have no successors. The common people are my successors”.

He reiterated the accusation that parties like the Congress and RJD, which “allowed extortion and kidnapping to flourish” during their time in power, would “sacrifice reservations” for Muslims “to cater to their vote bank politics”, but assured that “as long as I’m alive, I won’t allow this to happen”.

“Extortion and kidnapping thrived during the RJD’s rule in Bihar… NDA fights for social justice, with 60 per cent of Union ministers from OBC/SC/ST categories,” he declared.

The prime minister also accused the opposition parties of “deliberately offending people’s sentiments by making derogatory statements about the Ram temple in Ayodhya”.

On the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi urged people to come out in large numbers and vote for the NDA to ensure the formation of a strong government.

In his speech, PM Modi highlighted his government’s development track record, citing the rapid construction of highways and emphasizing commitment to social justice and empowerment, while accusing the opposition of obstructing measures like women’s reservations.

Fondly remembering late Ram Vilas Paswan, his former cabinet colleague, whose son Chirag is contesting from Hajipur, Modi called upon people to vote for the young leader and ensure his victory with a margin that surpasses his father’s record-breaking wins.


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