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“Pick Them One by One and Remove Them from the Arena”: PM Responds to Rahul Gandhi’s “Fire” Remarks

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New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a scathing response to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, rebuked the scion of the opposition party’s “royal family” for his statement suggesting that the country would be in turmoil if the BJP were to return to power. Addressing a BJP rally in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, the Prime Minister remarked, “After ruling the country for 60 years, they are now talking about setting the country on fire after just 10 years out of power.”

Questioning the appropriateness of such rhetoric in a democracy, Modi urged the people to consider whether they should “punish such individuals.” “Pick them one by one and remove them from the arena,” he declared, suggesting a decisive action against those who propagate such divisive sentiments. He accused the Congress of harboring an “Emergency mindset” and stated that they no longer uphold democratic values, evident in their attempts to incite discord against the electoral mandate.

The Prime Minister’s remarks were a response to Rahul Gandhi’s speech at a joint Opposition rally held at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, where he accused the BJP and Modi of orchestrating the upcoming Lok Sabha election. Gandhi alleged that without resorting to tactics like tampering with electronic voting machines (EVMs), manipulating social media, and pressuring the press, the BJP cannot secure more than 180 seats. He warned that if the BJP were to win through such means and subsequently alter the Constitution, it would lead to nationwide unrest.

Modi, addressing the Rudrapur rally, framed the upcoming polls as a battle between honesty and transparency on one side, represented by his party, and corruption and dynastic politics on the other, epitomized by the opposition. He highlighted the opposition’s strategy of hurling abuses and threats at him while defending corrupt practices. Amidst criticism from a united opposition over the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a money laundering case, Modi asserted his government’s commitment to combatting corruption and promised intensified efforts in his third term.

In response to Gandhi’s remarks on EVMs, the BJP has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission, condemning his inflammatory statements and demanding strict action against him. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri criticized Gandhi for casting doubts on the electoral process and the impartiality of the Election Commission, characterizing his speech as an attempt to sow distrust among the Indian populace.

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