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PM Modi Takes Dig at Congress-DMK Over Katchatheevu Island

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New Delhi: 1 April 2024

Concerning the issue of granting Katchatheevu Island to Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again criticized Congress and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin’s DMK on Monday (April 1, 2024). He remarked that DMK has failed to safeguard the interests of the people of Tamil Nadu.

PM Modi wrote on social media, “Apart from rhetoric, DMK has done nothing to protect the interests of Tamil Nadu. New information emerging on Katchatheevu has completely exposed DMK’s double standards.”

What did PM Modi mention?

PM Modi further remarked, “Congress and DMK function as family entities. They only care about ensuring their own sons and daughters move forward. They are not concerned about anyone else. Their indifference to Katchatheevu has harmed our poor fishermen and especially the interests of fishermen.”

They made reference to a news report on social media which stated that former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi had reportedly agreed to the compromise, whereas the DMK had publicly voiced its opposition.

PM Modi, directing criticism at the Congress, declared, “Undermining India’s unity, integrity, and interests has been the Congress’s modus operandi for the last 75 years.” Annamalai, the President of the Tamil Nadu BJP, has accused former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru of being inclined to hand over Katchatheevu Island to Sri Lanka. This has ignited a verbal battle between the BJP and the Congress.

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