Rahul Gandhi Claps Back at Modi’s ‘Tempo Loads of Money’ Remark

Rahul Gandhi fired back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent criticism, which focused on the alleged silence surrounding Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani. Gandhi demanded that investigative agencies be sent to the residences of these business magnates. In a video message, he humorously questioned whether Modi’s reference to “tempo loads of money” was based on personal experience, adding that discussing Ambani and Adani publicly was a departure from Modi’s usual practice. This exchange came after Modi’s sharp critique of the Congress and Gandhi, accusing them of a suspicious silence on the Ambani-Adani issue and suggesting a potential corrupt deal. Gandhi, in response, pledged to foster wealth creation and job security if the Congress came into power, countering Modi’s claims and proposing a different vision for economic prosperity.


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