Rajasthan Politics : ‘Ram and Ravan were both mad for Sita’s beauty’: Rajasthan Congress stirs controversy.

As the Rajasthan assembly election draws near, Congress politicians have embarked on an unofficial strategy of belittling Hindu deities, adding a contentious twist to the political atmosphere. Recently, a local media outlet reported a video wherein a minister from the Gehlot cabinet can be seen objectifying Mata Sita.

Rajendra Singh Guda, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Guard and Civil Defence in Rajasthan, made an outrageous statement against Hindu Gods, suggesting that both Bhagwan Ram and Ravan were infatuated with Mata Sita’s beauty to an unimaginable extent.

Comparing himself to Mata Sita, the Congress minister boldly proclaimed, “Just as Bhagwan Ram and Ravan were captivated by Mata Sita’s beauty, I must possess some quality that attracts the attention of both Gehlot and Pilot these days.”

Guda’s audacious display of self-importance took place during his visit to Gudagaurji CHC for the inauguration of new x-ray machines in Jhunjhunu.

“In the present times, people are speculating about which party will nominate Guda. I want to tell those people that my votes are garnered based on my work, not merely on a party’s symbol,” boasted Guda.

This is not the first occasion where Guda has courted controversy. In November 2021, the Gehlot minister made a public statement suggesting that the roads in his village should resemble “Hema Malini’s cheeks.” After a brief pause, he chuckled and remarked that, since Hema Malini is now older, the roads should instead resemble “Katrina Kaif’s cheeks.”

The BJP has strongly criticized Guda, labeling him as the “true anti-Hindu face of Congress” and demanding his removal from the Gehlot government.


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