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Somy Ali Makes Startling Accusations Against Salman Khan Again

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Somy Ali is known for her candid and outspoken nature on social media. The actress, who has been actively involved in rescuing victims of human trafficking, doesn’t hesitate to share her personal life experiences. Somy’s rumored relationship with Salman Khan has often been the subject of gossip in entertainment tabloids. In the past, she has made allegations against Salman, accusing him of harassment. Once again, she has taken to social media to make explosive claims, stating that the actor’s father, Salim Khan, abused his mother in front of him.

Somy Ali Takes Salman Khan to Task in a Powerful Post

Somy posted a message on her Instagram account with the following caption: “You’ve taken everything and still, you thrive, @salmankhan, for taking everything from a 16-year-old child. You are disgraceful, much like your father, who subjected your mother to years of abuse. And you, @beimgsalmankhan, couldn’t even protect your mother. It’s tragic to witness your mother being mistreated as a child and then idolize your father. You are a foolish and uneducated person. You’ve hurt Shaheen, Sangeeta, Somy, and many others. Even Katrina called me when I was pursuing my master’s degree. I will reveal everything in my autobiography. As for you, Oldman, it’s over because you didn’t respect my beliefs and my sanctuary. Allah truly despises you for making me forsake my peace. At 17…”

Somy Ali Shares a Cryptic Message About Salman Khan

A few months ago, Somy posted a cryptic message where she wrote, “I will be asked to remove my posts. My sanity will be questioned. Gossip will circulate about me having a drinking problem (the irony). Nevertheless, I will continue because you haven’t endured the humiliation, every form of torture and abuse, while no one stood by your side because your abuser is a huge star, and your friends are on his side. He has the power to make or break their careers, which he has done out of vengeance and anger for many. You trusted your friends and assumed they would support you because they knew every detail, as you confided in them, and they witnessed it many times.” She also included hashtags mentioning Salman Khan, Harvey Weinstein, and Subhash Ghai.

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