Viral Video Captures Shocking Attack at Toll Plaza: Woman Unleashes Fury on Female Employee

In a gripping incident caught on camera, an altercation unfolds at a toll booth as a woman engages in a heated argument with a female toll booth employee. Suddenly, without warning, she reaches out and firmly grasps the employee’s hair from behind, exerting painful pressure on her neck. In a startling display of aggression, she forcefully covers the employee’s mouth with her hand and squeezes her face, causing visible anguish. Finally, with a swift motion, she pushes the employee off her chair, sending her crashing to the floor.

This compelling video has been rapidly spreading across social media platforms, drawing widespread attention. Twitter user Srishti Kanwar (@SrishtiKanwar22) shared the footage, accompanied by the caption: “Disturbing incident at a Greater Noida toll plaza, where a woman in a car physically assaulted a female toll employee. The altercation began when toll payment was demanded. #GreaterNoida #TollPlaza #CCTVFootage #MondayMotivation #PawanKalyan #Devara #DishaPatani #EDRaid #பொன்முடி #VaishnaviChaitanya #1inch #VandeBharatExpress.”

According to reports, the distressing incident unfolded at the Luharli toll plaza situated on National Highway 91, falling under the jurisdiction of the Dadri police station in Uttar Pradesh. Allegedly, the catalyst for this violent outburst was the toll booth staff’s request for payment.

Upon receiving a complaint from the company overseeing the National Highway 91 toll plaza, the local authorities have promptly launched an investigation into the matte


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