Viral Video: Pakistani Wedding Erupts into Chaos Resembling WWE Match After ‘Uncle’ Doesn’t Receive Adequate Mutton Portions in Biryani

An unusual and chaotic incident unfolded in Pakistan as a group of men engaged in a violent altercation, tossing chairs at each other during a wedding event. The video capturing this brawl has gone viral on social media, particularly on X, formerly known as Twitter. In a six-minute video, several men can be seen hurling chairs at each other after one individual expressed dissatisfaction with the portion of mutton in his biryani. The video commences with guests seated at tables, enjoying their meal at the wedding. A white cloth partition separates the seating arrangement between men and women. However, the situation takes a dramatic turn when a man provocatively flips a guest’s hat at one of the tables.

Shortly thereafter, the situation escalates into violence, with individuals attacking each other and more people becoming involved in the brawl. Chairs are eventually used as weapons. Although some women attempt to intervene and control the situation, their efforts prove futile as the men remain agitated. After some time, order is eventually restored.

While there is no apparent reason for the fight, the video’s caption suggests that the altercation erupted because “Mamu” did not receive a sufficient amount of mutton pieces in his biryani. This incident reportedly occurred at Regent Hall in Bolton.

Since being shared, the video has garnered over 300,000 views, 2,640 likes, and numerous comments.

“In India, it would be like: ‘Uncle didn’t get enough paneer pieces in his matar paneer,'” one user humorously commented on the post. Another Twitter user wrote, “Oh, brother, feeling sorry for the bride and groom.”


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