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Will there be a complete lockdown in Delhi during the G20 Summit? Here’s the response from the Delhi Police.

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With just one week remaining until the G20 Summit commences in the capital city, rumors have been circulating on social media suggesting that a full lockdown might be imposed in Delhi to mitigate traffic congestion. However, the Delhi Police dismissed these reports on Thursday, asserting that claims of a lockdown in the city from September 8 to 10 for the G20 Summit are factually incorrect.

Suman Nalwa, the Delhi Police PRO, informed the news agency ANI that due to the participation of numerous heads of state and international organizations, a controlled zone has been established within the New Delhi district.

While advising people to use the Delhi Metro for travel, the police also clarified the situation: “Regarding the G20 summit, there are rumors circulating about a lockdown in Delhi during that time. This is factually incorrect. Due to the presence of heads of state and international organizations, we have designated a ‘Controlled zone’ within the New Delhi district. Commercial establishments in this area will be closed for three days (September 8-10). We encourage people to utilize the Delhi Metro for travel. Residents with valid identification from the restricted zone will be permitted to move freely. There are no restrictions on the movement of essential goods through Delhi’s borders,” added Suman Nalwa.

Addressing security concerns, she emphasized that the Delhi Police are not only prepared to counteract potential terrorist threats but also to handle any potential protests. “Our logistics van, Vikrant, carrying necessary equipment for managing law and order situations, will be deployed. Our PCR vans and logistic vehicles have been equipped with chain cutters to manage protests. We are fully prepared,” stated Nalwa.

Reassuring that security measures are stringent, she expressed confidence in the successful management of this global event by the Delhi Police.

Virtual Help Desk for International Delegates
To provide real-time traffic updates in the city, the Delhi Police introduced a virtual help desk on Tuesday to assist delegates and tourists visiting the capital.

According to police updates, the entire New Delhi district will be designated as “Controlled Zone-I” from 5 am on September 8 until 11:59 PM on September 10.

As part of the preparations for the G20 Summit, both the central and Delhi governments are working in close coordination to welcome dignitaries from around the world.

Security Measures for the G20 Summit
Elaborating on the preparedness for the upcoming G20 Summit, Suman Nalwa outlined the security measures in place for the grand event.

When questioned about addressing potential protests or security challenges during the event, she responded, “Security arrangements are already robust, and to further enhance security, the logistic van Vikrant will be deployed. This van will be used to handle unforeseen protests.”

She further explained, “Given that our intelligence agencies sometimes struggle to predict such protests, the Vikrant Van will be used to prevent such situations. The van is equipped with tools and weapons to manage law and order situations. It contains chain cutters and anti-riot equipment. It can promptly provide the necessary tools to the police officers stationed near the event area.”

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