Woman and In-Laws Publicly Shame Man and His Alleged Lover Over Extramarital Affair in Andhra Pradesh

A man from Andhra Pradesh’s Sri Sathyasai district was publicly humiliated by his wife and in-laws on Monday, accused of having an extramarital affair. The incident took place in Lepakshi village, where the man, Hussain (30), and his alleged lover, Shabana (32), were partially shaved and paraded through the streets.

Enraged by her husband’s alleged affair with Shabana, Nazia and her family restrained the couple and subjected them to this humiliation. According to P Kanjakshan, a sub-divisional police officer in Hindupur, “Hussain is allegedly in an illegal relationship with Shabana, and because of this, his wife went to Shabana’s residence, shaved their heads, and paraded them through out the town.”

As Hussain and Shabana were being paraded, Nazia and her family filmed the ordeal and circulated the video. There were also reports that they physically assaulted Shabana. Later, the two were taken to Hussain’s village in an autorickshaw, where local residents apprehended Nazia and her family and handed them over to the police.

The police are in the process of filing a zero FIR against Nazia and her family under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including charges related to criminal intimidation, assault, causing harm with intent to disgrace, wrongful confinement, and other offenses. The FIR will be subsequently transferred to the appropriate jurisdiction.

According to the police, Shabana had separated from her husband two years ago.


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