Captivating Video: MS Dhoni Flaunts His Jaw-Dropping Bike Collection, Leaving Sakshi Astonished.

Renowned as one of the greatest cricketers the world has ever witnessed, MS Dhoni’s love for the sport is matched only by his undying enthusiasm for motorbikes. Nestled within his Ranchi farmhouse lies an extravagant array of bikes that truly showcases his passion. Former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad recently caught a glimpse of Dhoni’s awe-inspiring collection and couldn’t resist sharing a video of it on social media. While rumors had circulated about the number of bikes at Dhoni’s farmhouse, Prasad’s video suggested that the true count might actually surpass a staggering 100.

In the viral video, Prasad expressed his astonishment, tweeting, “This man, MSD, possesses one of the most extraordinary obsessions I have ever witnessed. His collection of bikes and cars in his Ranchi house is beyond anything. Truly blown away by the man and his unwavering passion.”

At the beginning of the footage, Sakshi’s voice can be heard asking, “What can I say? How do you feel about being in Ranchi for the first time?”

Prasad replied, “Incredible! No, not my first time in Ranchi. It’s my fourth visit, but this place (referring to MS Dhoni’s bike collection) is simply mind-boggling.”

Even another former Indian cricketer, Sunil Joshi, was left dumbfounded by Dhoni’s assemblage. He exclaimed, “Not my first time in Ranchi, but my first time with the legend himself. Words fail to describe this extraordinary setup.”

Prasad went as far as to claim that one must be “mad” to amass such a staggering number of bikes. He stated, “This could easily be mistaken for a bike showroom. Only someone with an immense passion can achieve something like this. Believe me, unless you are completely infatuated with this, you couldn’t possibly gather such an impressive collection.”

“I would say obsessed,” Sakshi playfully retorted.

Curiosity got the better of Sakshi as she questioned Dhoni, “Why Mahi, why? What prompted you to do this?”

The former Indian captain replied with a mischievous grin, “Because you took everything away, and I needed something that was mine alone. This is the only thing you allowed me to have.”

While the exact number of bikes and their manufacturers in Dhoni’s possession remains a mystery, reports suggest that his collection includes esteemed brands such as Rajdoot, Kawasaki Ninja, Harley Davidson, and his latest acquisition, the TVS Ronin cruiser, among others.

In the past, Dhoni’s wife Sakshi revealed that these bikes are her husband’s “favorite toys,” further emphasizing the deep-rooted connection between the cricketing legend and his magnificent two-wheeled companions.


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