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Female College Students Engage in Violent Confrontation on Campus, Video Goes Viral

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College life is a time filled with intriguing and significant experiences, where we create countless memories. During our college years, we often witness disputes, ranging from minor disagreements to major conflicts. Typically, it’s more common to see boys engaging in disagreements with their peers for various reasons. Although witnessing intense conflicts (fight) among girls is a rare occurrence. In this video, we present an incident where two college girls became embroiled in a fierce physical altercation, the cause of which remains unknown. A very heated argument between the two girls resulted into a massive fight on the college campus. Now, the video of the intense fight between girls has gone viral on the internet.

The video depicts two female students on the college campus throwing punches and attempting to physically confront each other, while other students look on. The video was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by a user with the handle @gharkekalesh, along with the caption, “A spontaneous clash between two girls inside Amity University Noida.”

According to that post, the incident took place on the premises of famous Amity University. However, we are not conforming the authenticity of the video.

Since it was shared, the clip has garnered over 66,000 views, and the number continues to grow. The video has also sparked discussions among X users, with many sharing jokes and humorous memes in the comments section.

Recently, another video depicting a fight between girls circulated on the internet. In the video, two girls can be clearly seen engaging in a heated argument that quickly resulted into a hair-pulling, fist-throwing wrestling match.

In the videos, two girls are observed engaged in a heated argument that swiftly turns into a physical brawl. Both girls pull each other’s hair, exchange blows, shove, and point fingers at each other, all while other students watch.

Watch The Video Here

These video clips were shared on X (formerly Twitter) by an account named @gharkekalesh, with the caption, “Conflict between two girls at Engineering University Roorkee, probably over a guy.” According to the caption, the incident occurred at an engineering university in Roorkee and may have been related to a romantic dispute.

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