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Google Threatens App Removal for Non-Payment by Indian Companies

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Google is cracking down on ten esteemed companies in India, including Matrimony.com and Info Edge, threatening to evict their apps from the revered Play Store due to unpaid service fees. In a stern declaration via blog post, Google announced its intent to oust these apps for flouting payment regulations. Despite being granted ample time—over three years—to align with Play Store’s payment policy, this select group of developers in India opted for non-compliance, much to Google’s dismay. While these companies dutifully adhere to payment norms of other app platforms, Google has drawn a line in the digital sand.

“In the wake of granting these developers an extensive three-year grace period, inclusive of three additional weeks post the Supreme Court’s ruling, we are compelled to take requisite measures to ensure uniform policy enforcement across the ecosystem, as we steadfastly do on a global scale,” expressed Google in its candid blog post.

Google commenced its purge last Friday, swiftly removing certain apps from the Play Store. Among the casualties were Shaadi, Matrimony.com’s Jodii, and Bharat Matrimony’s signature app from the matrimonial sphere, along with Alt Balaji’s Altt and the dating service Quack Quack.

Founder of Info Edge, Sanjeev Bikhchandani, acknowledged Google’s notice but vehemently asserted their compliance with Play Store regulations. Bikhchandani affirmed that all dues to Google were promptly settled, leaving no outstanding payments. This development has sent ripples of concern through the affected companies, as the potential expulsion of their apps could spell significant repercussions for their user base and revenue streams.

India stands as a pivotal market for Google, having poured billions into the nation over the past decade, now catering to over half a billion individuals. The tech giant revealed that the Android and Play Store ecosystem collectively supported over 2.5 million jobs in India in 2022, with a mere 3% of developers in India mandated to pay service fees. Furthermore, Google highlighted that less than five dozen developers in India face fees exceeding 15%.

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