Air India Express Gives Ultimatum to Striking Cabin Crew: Return to Work or Face Termination

New Delhi : Air India Express has issued a deadline for the remaining cabin crew members who called in sick to return to work by 4 PM today or face termination. This decision follows the airline’s issuance of termination letters to approximately 25 cabin crew members who reported sick, leading to the cancellation of over 90 flights on Wednesday

Additionally, the airline has cancelled around 60 flights for Thursday due to the unavailability of cabin crew. Air India Express employs approximately 1,400 cabin crew members, including 500 at the senior level. Over 200 cabin crew members began reporting sick from Tuesday night to protest alleged mismanagement within the airline, which resulted in the cancellation of over 90 flights.

In response to the recent mass sick leave taken by the cabin crew, CEO Aloke Singh has communicated with the employees through a letter. Singh stated that the disruptive actions do not reflect the dedication and pride of the majority of cabin crew members who continue to perform their duties diligently.

The protesting cabin crew members have raised concerns about job security, maintaining salaries, and recognition of their seniority and expertise. They argue that these assurances have not been honored, leading to dissatisfaction among the workforce.


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