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Apple’s Choice: AI Takes Center Stage in the 2023 App Store Awards

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Despite AI’s evident impact on both online and offline lifestyles, Apple opted not to feature an AI app among its social impact award recipients. In 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) has become deeply ingrained in daily technology, influencing the production of music and art, and reshaping employment landscapes.

Nevertheless, Apple couldn’t completely sidestep the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). Instead, it recognized the significance of the technology by declaring generative AI as the “Trend of the Year” and curated a collection of generative AI applications that exemplified this evolving landscape. However, in its official statement, Apple only referred to its App Store grouping without specifying the names of these applications.

This Year’s Trend: Generative AI
Apple has designated “Generative AI” as the standout trend of the year. AI technology is undeniably gaining prominence in the latest apps developed by today’s creators. Apple has spotlighted highly creative AI apps in this category, such as ChatGPT. Additionally, AI was seamlessly integrated into Canva’s Magic Studio feature, a well-known creative tool, earning it a place on the list. Other AI-powered apps, including Picsart, Pinterest, Craft, Artifact, Sololearn, and SmartDreams, are also recognized in the App Store 2023 Awards under the “Trend of the Year” category.

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