Rescue Ranger: The Hero Born from the Deluge of 2018 Kerala Floods.

Once upon a time, in the wake of unprecedented rainfall and devastating floods, the state of Kerala found itself in the clutches of a natural disaster. The downpour was merciless, the water levels soared, and chaos ensued. People’s lives were shattered, homes were swept away, and the death toll rose steadily. In the midst of this catastrophe, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of a remarkable individual named Anoop AB.

Anoop, the visionary founder and CEO of Dexter Innovation Technologies Pvt Ltd, was deeply moved by the heart-wrenching scenes that unfolded during the 2018 Kerala floods. As he tirelessly lent his support to the rescue and relief efforts, he couldn’t shake off the haunting images of people helplessly being carried away by the raging torrents. Determined to make a difference, Anoop embarked on an extraordinary journey to create a groundbreaking solution called Rescue Ranger.

Teaming up with his partner Akhil, Anoop poured his heart and soul into their startup, Dexter Innovation Technologies Pvt Ltd. Their mission was clear: to develop a revolutionary drone-based device capable of saving lives during floods, detecting submerged bodies, mapping underwater terrain, and providing relief to those stranded in distress.

The road to success was paved with challenges. Anoop spent four years conducting meticulous research, tirelessly working to perfect the remote-controlled device designed for rescue operations in treacherous waters. The result was nothing short of astonishing.

Rescue Ranger, as it was aptly named, stood as a beacon of hope in times of emergency. Equipped with GPS, powerful motors, a high-resolution underwater camera, searchlights, a beacon siren, and front-facing cameras, the device possessed unrivaled capabilities. It could deliver essential supplies, deploy lifelines to connect people, and safely rescue those marooned by the floods. Furthermore, it played a crucial role in flood mapping, assisting in the coordination of rescue efforts.

Anoop’s determination was fueled by the memory of the countless lives that were saved under great adversity. He couldn’t forget the desperation of those trapped by landslides, isolated with no one to lend a helping hand. These powerful images served as a constant reminder of the importance of his mission.

The duo’s first prototypes faced setbacks and failures, but they persisted undeterred. Their unwavering dedication caught the attention of the Ministry of Industry, Government of Kerala, who facilitated a much-needed bank loan of Rs 10 lakh. Finally, in 2023, the first fully functional Rescue Ranger was born. Its inaugural test took place at Pazhassi Reservoir in Kannur, followed by a grand launch in Kochi, officiated by P Rajeev, the Minister for Law, Industries & Coir.

Despite this significant milestone, Dexter Innovation Technologies still faced a daunting challenge: funding. The lack of financial resources hindered their plans to scale up and make a widespread impact. Anoop remained hopeful, banking on fruitful discussions with the government and potential investors. However, he acknowledged that his unconventional path, coupled with the absence of a formal degree and networking skills, made it difficult to secure grants or funding.

Nevertheless, Rescue Ranger garnered substantial interest both domestically and internationally. Inquiries flooded in from various sources, ranging from ferry operators seeking simple attachments to fire and safety departments in need of advanced rescue features and terrain mapping capabilities. Anoop made it clear that their priority would be to equip disaster management teams, fire safety agencies, and government bodies before catering to other demands.

While the basic model of Rescue Ranger carried a price tag of around Rs 3 lakh, the device’s cost would escalate to Rs 25 lakh to Rs 30 lakh for deployments in deep seas and intricate terrains, requiring additional features.

The tale of Rescue Ranger was a testament to human resilience, ingenuity, and compassion. Anoop AB and his team at Dexter Innovation Technologies had transformed a calamitous event into an opportunity to save lives and restore hope. With perseverance and support, their extraordinary creation held the potential to reshape disaster response strategies and pave the way for a safer future in the face of nature’s fury.


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