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CBSE Denies Involvement in Controversial Class 9 ‘Dating and Relationships’ Chapter

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has addressed the controversy surrounding the Class 9 textbook chapter on “Dating and Relationships.” In a statement posted on its official Twitter account, CBSE refuted claims linking the book to the board, describing them as entirely baseless and incorrect. The media, according to CBSE, inaccurately attributed objectionable content on dating and relationships to a CBSE publication.

The viral content circulating on social media actually belongs to a book titled “A Guide to Self Awareness and Empowerment,” authored by Gagan Deep Kaur and published by G.Ram Books(P) Ltd. Educational Publishers, clarified the board.

Furthermore, CBSE emphasized that it neither publishes nor recommends books from private publishers. It reminded readers that the social media post, which gained attention, did not specify the book as a CBSE publication. However, netizens mistakenly assumed it to be associated with CBSE.

The post generated diverse reactions from netizens. Some applauded it as a positive step, while others criticized it. The controversial chapter discussed terms related to relationships such as ghosting, catfishing, and cyberbullying. Tinder India, a dating app, humorously suggested a “next chapter: how to deal with breakups 😭” in response to the post.

One user expressed uncertainty about the book’s affiliation with NCERT and requested clarification on its publication. Another user commended the inclusion of dating and relationship chapters in CBSE Class 9 textbooks, considering it a sensible move to educate students about these topics and safe practices instead of denying their relevance.

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