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Kudumbashree Applause in Delhi: Thousands Flock to Enjoy the Unique Kerala Taste

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Kerala Kudumbashree’s Culinary Extravaganza and Women Empowerment Initiatives Steal the Spotlight at Trade Fair

From Flavorful Chips to Empowering Women: Kudumbashree’s Varied Showcase Wows Trade Fair Attendees

New Delhi , 19th November:

Kudumbashree, the beacon of Kerala’s culinary and women empowerment initiatives as well as one of the World’s largest women self help network , received thunderous applause at the India-International Trade Fair held at Pragati Maidan on Sunday. Despite the buzz surrounding the World Cup final, a massive crowd gathered to savor the unique flavors presented by Kudumbashree’s food court.

Visitors were treated to an array of spicy Kerala dishes, including the renowned Kerala Chips and innovative products like Beetroot Protein Powder, transforming the trade fair into a haven for gastronomic enthusiasts. The aroma of kappa, green chili peppered coconut, shrimp and mackerel fry, kutharichor, and avial from Kudumbashree’s food court wafted through the bustling halls, drawing in curious attendees.

Roshni, a Delhiite, expressed her delight with Kerala’s unique delicacies, singling out banana chips as her favorite. She happily shared that she purchased two kilos of these flavorful chips at an affordable rate of only 450 rupees per kilo. Accompanying the chips, Roshni indulged in Kudumbashree’s pride – the jaggery upperi, along with a variety of Kerala’s distinctive masalas, curries, and spices.

Haider Ali, hailing from Uttar Pradesh, revealed that the mention of ‘Kerala Ruchi’ instantly evokes thoughts of seafood. He relished the crispy prawn fry infused with Kerala special masala in coconut oil, emphasizing that the allure of authentic Kerala flavors is a primary draw for him at the trade fair.

But Kudumbashree’s culinary offerings don’t stop there. The stalls boast an impressive array of traditional and modern delights. From spices like cardamom, cloves, and black pepper to innovative products like beetroot protein powder and dehydrated jackfruit (dry jackfruit), the exhibit showcases the diverse gastronomic landscape of Kerala. Puttupodis, Kozhikodan halwa, various types of chips, ragi powder, spiced dried chilies, and pavaka (bitter gourd) are also on display, offering a culinary adventure for food enthusiasts.

Kudumbashree’s presence transcends the culinary realm, with a commitment towards women empowerment evident in its two sales stalls and theme stall. The sales stalls feature products manufactured by Kudumbashree units, including spices and unique Kerala products such as banana chips. It’s not just about commerce; it’s a celebration of the achievements of Kudumbashree, a model for the country in economic, social, and women empowerment.

The theme stall is a window into the impactful activities of the Kudumbashree Mission in Kerala. This mission, initiated by the Kerala Local Self-Government Department in 1998, has been a driving force in eradicating poverty through innovative approaches. The stall aims to bring the Kudumbashree Mission’s successful model to the forefront, showcasing how it has become a strong organizational system for women to achieve economic, social, and women empowerment goals.

Since 2012, Kudumbashree has been a consistent hit at the India-International Trade Fair, even winning the best stall award in 2013. The continuous success is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the State Poverty Eradication Mission over 25 years.

As the aroma of Kerala’s culinary wonders wafts through the trade fair, Kudumbashree’s presence is not just a feast for the senses but a celebration of Kerala’s rich heritage, innovative spirit, and the empowering initiatives that uplift communities and women, making it a standout exhibit in the international market.

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