Thane Woman’s Tiffin Box Business Turns Nostalgic Homemade Meals into a Multi-Crore Venture.

Few things in life bring a smile to your heart like the comforting taste of “Ghar ka Khana” (home-cooked food). It’s a pure source of happiness, especially for those who are far away from the familiar flavors of home. Meet a remarkable woman from Thane who not only understood this sentiment but also turned her passion for cooking into a thriving enterprise called ‘Gharachi Aathvan.’ This extraordinary restaurant is dedicated to serving traditional, homestyle dishes that not only satiate your hunger but also transport you back to the warmth of home.

‘Gharachi Aathvan,’ which translates to “remembering home,” offers a delectable array of authentic, simple delicacies. From vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis accompanied by freshly made roti, vegetables, dal, and a delightful sweet ending, to standalone dishes like dal khichdi, their menu caters to a wide range of preferences. What sets this eatery apart is its commitment to affordability, with prices ranging from Rs 90 to Rs 180, ensuring that everyone can relish the flavors of home without breaking the bank. This entrepreneurial endeavor has blossomed into a multi-crore business, making her not only a successful businesswoman but also a purveyor of cherished memories through the art of cooking.


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