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Viral Video: Couple Engages in Dispute with IndiGo Staff at Mumbai Airport After Missing Their Flight

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It’s not uncommon for passengers to get into disagreements with airline staff, and a recent video has gone viral, depicting a couple arguing with a ground staff member of IndiGo at Mumbai’s airport. The reason behind the altercation is quite surprising. In the video, which was uploaded by an account named ‘Ghar ke Kalesh,’ we can see a man raising his voice at an IndiGo Airlines ground staff member. He is later joined by a woman, likely his wife. Despite the heated exchange, the airport staff member remains composed and attempts to resolve the situation peacefully.

According to the video, the couple missed their flight to Ahmedabad because the boarding gates had already been closed by the airport staff. In the clip, the couple explains that they were delayed in reaching the gate.


Reactions of Internet Users to the Viral Video
Once the video made its way to the micro-blogging site, numerous individuals shared their opinions in the comments section. Some argued that IndiGo does not consistently apply its rules, stating, “IndiGo has no consistent rules; they keep altering them for their convenience… I’ve seen many instances where IndiGo passengers were not allowed to board their flights. Refund the money of ticket of the passengers who aren’t allowed to board. Don’t create rules at the expense of customers.”

Others suspected that the airline may have sold the seats to other passengers, saying, “IndiGo must have sold the seats to other passengers. This is not new for them. I had a similar experience when I was traveling to Turkey.”

On the contrary, some internet users opined that passengers who arrive late like this should not be permitted to board flights, stating, “Such chronically late passengers should never be allowed on the plane once the doors are closed.”

This video was posted on September 16 this year and has attracted significant attention, with 88K views and 640 likes.

As a reminder, just last month, a woman allegedly slapped a ground staff member of Akasa Airlines after being denied boarding due to her late arrival.

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