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Woman Puts Baby in Fridge Instead of Vegetables: Shocking Video.

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New Delhi : In recent times, there has been a surge in extreme behavior driven by social media frenzy. People are increasingly engaging in bizarre acts to garner attention. Amidst this craze, we often overlook the ubiquitous presence of smartphones in our lives. These devices have become integral to our daily routines, serving various purposes from communication to entertainment.

The following video serves as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with smartphone addiction. In the footage, a young woman appears to be the mother, engrossed in her phone while her baby plays nearby. She proceeds to prepare vegetables, all the while continuing her phone conversation, seemingly juggling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Watch the video :

What unfolds next in the video defies all logic and responsibility, leaving viewers shocked and bewildered. The incident underscores the grave consequences of neglect stemming from excessive smartphone usage.

Watch the video to witness the alarming sequence of events and reflect on the urgent need to address such irresponsible behavior.

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