Jawan Craze: Fans Dance to ‘Chaleya’ on Brooklyn Bridge, Shah Rukh Khan Expresses Gratitude

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s action-packed film ‘Jawan’ has become one of the biggest blockbusters in Bollywood, as expected. Just like his previous movies, ‘Jawan’ has ignited a trend on the internet, with people dancing to the film’s songs while using #Jawan and #SRK hashtags. One particular video has caught everyone’s eye, featuring two girls dancing to the song ‘Chaleya’ from ‘Jawan’ on New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. The video went viral, and SRK himself shared it, commending their dance skills. In the caption, Shah Rukh wrote X (Twitter), “This is amazing!!! Thank you for bringing #Chaleya to the Brooklyn Bridge, girls!!! Love you.”

In the video, the two girls can be seen dancing to the song ‘Chaleya’ at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. After their performance, bystanders applauded and praised them.

Notably, Shah Rukh Khan, who is receiving accolades for his action-packed movie, is also engaging with his fans who are dancing to ‘Jawan’ songs.

Recently, another devoted fan made headlines by defying odds to watch his favorite movie star’s film. Anees Farooqi, who was on ventilator support, managed to visit a theater in a wheelchair to watch ‘Jawan.’ On the internet, he earned the title of Shah Rukh’s most dedicated fan. Despite his health challenges, Anees Farooqi found joy and inspiration in Bollywood’s magic as he made the effort to see ‘Jawan’ even while on a ventilator.

The video went viral, with netizens applauding Farooqi for his unwavering love for SRK and his determination. The clip was shared on social media by a user named @SRKsCombatant with the caption, “IMMENSE RESPECT: Anees Farooqi, a physically challenged individual, visits to watch #Jawan on a ventilator. Proud to be an @iamsrk fan…”

The clip depicted Farooqi in a wheelchair, enjoying the film. Now, netizens are striving to get in touch with the star and bring Farooqi’s condition to his attention.


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