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Kerala Fisheries Receives Acclaim at IITF Trade Fair 2023: A Showcase of Sustainable Development and Community Well-being

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In a celebration of Kerala’s abundant aquatic treasures, the Department of Fisheries proudly showcased its commitment to sustainable development and the well-being of fishing communities at the India International Trade Fair (IITF) 2023. Under the visionary leadership of Minister Saji Cherian, the department aims for “Blissful fishers and a healthy community.”

Kerala, known as God’s own country, with its 590 km coastline and diverse waterbodies, plays a pivotal role in ecological diversity and livelihood. The Department of Fisheries, headed by Director of Fisheries, is dedicated to the sustainable development of fisheries in both marine and inland sectors.

The fisheries sector in Kerala contributes significantly to the state’s GDP, with marine product exports reaching a record Rs 5919.02 Crores in 2017-18. Currently, 222 fishing villages in the marine and 113 fishery villages in the inland sector support a vast population, providing livelihoods and contributing to the socio-economic fabric.

Executive Officers under the department, such as Kerala State Cooperative Federation for Fisheries Development Ltd (Matsyafed), Agency for Development of Aquaculture, Kerala (ADAK), and others, collaborate to achieve the department’s mission. This mission includes conserving resources, ensuring nutritional security, fostering socio-economic development, ensuring safety for the fishing community, developing infrastructure, and delivering effective extension services to society.

At the IITF Trade Fair 2023, Kerala’s fisheries stole the spotlight. The state showcased its commitment to innovation, conservation, and community well-being. Visitors were captivated by the vibrant display of aquatic diversity and the success stories of sustainable fisheries.

One visitor, Mr. Narendra Jha, expressed his admiration for Kerala’s fisheries stall, stating, “The fisheries stall reflects the rich heritage and potential of Kerala’s fishery sector. It’s a testament to the state’s dedication to sustainable practices and community welfare.”

The success at the IITF Trade Fair 2023 underscores Kerala’s role as a leader in fisheries, embodying the mission of “Blissful fishers and a healthy community” in every aspect of its endeavors.

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