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New twist to the Araria Professor Kidnapping case: Police informs High Court about professor’s brother involvement

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Presented evidence before the High Court

Brother’s son and son-in-law have also been made accused

Next hearing on February 9, SDPO Araria ordered to be present as well

Bihar, February 3, 2024:

A new twist has emerged in the kidnapping case of Professor Vipin Kishor Mishra from Araria district of Bihar. After a year and a half of investigation, the police informed Patna High Court that Vipin Kishor Mishra’s brother, Bhuvan Kishor Mishra, along with his sons and son-in-law, is involved in professor’s kidnapping. The police also presented crucial evidence in this regard before the High Court. Next hearing is scheduled for February 9, and the SDPO Araria has been ordered to be present in court.

SIT submits report in Patna High Court

The High Court had formed two SIT (Special Investigation Team) teams to resolve the intricacies of Professor Vipin Kishor Mishra’s kidnapping case. Both SIT teams have been actively working to untangle the web of the professor’s abduction in the past few days. The police have also arrested a youth named Neetish Yadav in connection with the case.

The report submitted by the SIT in the High Court suggests that the kidnapping was a well-thought-out conspiracy orchestrated by Bhuvan Kishor Mishra, the professor’s brother, and his sons and son-in-law. The motive behind the kidnapping, according to the SIT, was to end Vipin Kishor Mishra’s stake in financial transactions related to the college’s property.

The police have presented several crucial pieces of evidence in court and expressed the need for a polygraph test for the accused, who are currently unwilling to undergo the examination. The High Court, after the police’s significant actions, has directed the investigation team, including the SDPO Araria, to ensure a swift trial and determine the punishment for the accused.

Kidnapped in 2022
The professor, Vipin Kishor Mishra, was abducted on September 24, 2022, after leaving the college in the evening. The case took a tragic turn when, four months after the professor’s kidnapping, his wife, Premlata Mishra, passed away. The High Court had taken up the case after Professor Vipin Kishor Mishra’s daughter, Anjali, filed a petition through her Lawyer Sanjiv kumar, leading to the formation of the SIT teams for further investigation.

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