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Want DSLR-like Photos on Your Regular Phone Camera? Here Are The Tricks!

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New Delhi: 1 April 2024

If you believe that DSLR-quality photos cannot be taken with a regular phone, you’re mistaken. In reality, we have some important tips for you that will allow you to achieve great photography with your smartphone.

Navigate to camera settings and make the required adjustments. You can set the aspect ratio and frame size for the photo in the settings. Additionally, if desired, you can enable the grid to help decide the composition of the photo.

Take a moment before and after capturing a photo. This means not removing the phone right after clicking and allowing 1-2 seconds to pass. This way, you have ample time for processing.

In addition, you can use Google search to find out what accessories could be best for photography. Whether it’s add-on lenses or tripods, these can greatly improve your photography skills.

Optionally, you can attach a separate flash to the phone or utilize artificial lighting. Moreover, you can enhance your photos through editing.

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