Boycott: YouTuber Slams boAt Accessories for ‘Poor Quality

#Shark Tank India: YouTuber Boycotts Aman Gupta’s BoAt Accessories Due to ‘Poor Quality’, Internet Reacts to Viral Video

Social media influencer and YouTuber Vaishnavi Shukla recently criticized India’s largest electronic gadget company, boAt. Vaishnavi shared her experience of using boAt audio accessories for over two years, highlighting issues she faced even after buying new products. She criticized Aman Gupta’s boAt, calling their accessories a “scam” and describing them as “poor quality”. Read on for more details.

YouTuber Labels boAt Audio Products a ‘Scam’ – Here’s Why

Taking to Instagram, Vaishnavi captioned her post, “Boycott boAt products until they start acknowledging our reviews and commit to making improvements! (sic)”

In the viral video, she declares the audio company a “complete scam” and shares her perspective with her audience. Vaishnavi discussed the company’s “poor quality” products, including wireless earphones, speakers, and smartwatches she had ordered. In the video, she showcases the condition of the products and talks about her experience with warranty policies.

Watch the clip here:

Posting the video on Instagram, it has already garnered over 20,000 likes and more than 300,000 views. Soon after, the audio giant responded to the viral video, writing, “Hi Vaishnavi, we’re keen to resolve this and provide you with the amazing boAthead experience you deserve. We’ve requested your contact details via DM. Please share them so we can address this promptly. We truly value your support and aim to keep you as a happy boAthead for years to come! (sic)”

Internet Users React to Viral Video
As the video circulated on social media, users shared their experiences with boAt products. An Instagram user commented, “I faced the exact same issue with a boAt Smart Watch. I sent it for warranty replacement, but they returned it saying it wasn’t covered (sic).” Another user wrote, “And boAt advertises and claims to be better than Apple (sic).” A third user stated, “This is an old trick! They never honor proper warranty claims! They often try to deceive customers or blame them for the issues. However, the quality and audio performance are subpar and not worth the money! (sic).” Another customer mentioned, “I’ve been using boAt for a year. Had an issue with my Storm Call 2 watch, but they replaced it under warranty. Happy customer here! (sic).”


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